How can I share the steps data from Samsung Health (I use a Gear fitness tracker) with CARROT?

How can I share the steps data from Samsung Health (I use a Gear fitness tracker) with CARROT?

A: You can use a fitness tracker like a Samsung Gear with CARROT, but how you share that data depends on the type of phone you have.

If you use an iPhone:
If you want to use a Samsung tracker (such as the Samsung Gear) with an iPhone, you will need to download the Samsung Health App for iPhone.  The Samsung Health App will auto sync the steps data to Apple Health.  Apple Health is where CARROT will receive your steps data.

If you use an Android:
At the current time, Samsung Health does not share steps data with Google Fit (which is where CARROT gets your Android steps data), so a third-party app is needed to bridge this gap. We understand that Health Sync is an effective solution to allow you to receive credit in CARROT for the steps you take with your Samsung device.   

To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have already set up Samsung Health and Google Fit on your Android phone.
  2. Download Health Sync on your Android device. When you first open the app, you will be prompted to connect your Google Fit account with Health Sync.
  3. Once your Google Fit account is connected, choose the option to “SYNC TO GOOGLE FIT” when prompted. (Make sure that steps and activity tracking are disabled in Google Fit to avoid a possible conflict in data.)
  4. You can now select the data (steps) that you want to sync from Samsung Health to Google Fit.

By default, Health Sync will sync your data four times per hour, though you can increase or decrease the syncs per hour to up to 6 times per hour. Health Sync is free to use for the first week, but after that, you will either have to subscribe to the app or purchase it for a one-time fee.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at It would be helpful if you could include your CARROT Account ID Number (you’ll find it by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner) as well as the login method you used (Facebook ID or phone number) to set up your CARROT account.