I have an Android phone and use Garmin fitness tracker – can I connect with GoogleFit to share my Garmin’s steps data on CARROT?

I have an Android phone and use a Garmin fitness tracker – can I connect with GoogleFit to share my Garmin’s steps data on CARROT?

A: Garmin does not currently share steps data with Google Fit, so the assistance of a third-part app is needed (we recommend the free version of "FitnessSyncer"). By adding the FitnessSyncer app, you can earn credit on CARROT for all the steps your Garmin is counting for you.

To do this, please follow these steps: 
  1. Add the Garmin Connect and FitnessSyncer apps to your Android phone.
  2. Open the Garmin Connect app and create an account.
  3. Open the FitnessSyncer app and create an account. Then go to "Sources" and add the "Garmin Connect (Wellness)" account you just created. 
  4. Then, while you're still in the FitnessSyncer app, go to "Destinations" and add your Google Fit account. To complete this, you'll be prompted to sign into Google -- be sure to remember the Google account you use (it's normally a gmail address). Then sync your FitnessSync app so that it gets all your steps data from Garmin.
  5. Open your CARROT Wellness app, go to "Settings" (by tapping on the top-left menu button), tap on "Change Fitness Account", and be sure you select/enter the same Google account you used to connect FitnessSyncer with Google Fit.
  6. Tap again on the menu button, tap on "Home", then pull down on the Activity screen to refresh CARROT and allow it to receive the steps data from Google Fit. (Note: If there is significant historical data to be transferred, it may initially take a while before all of your steps data is shared from Garmin > FitnessSyncer > Google Fit > CARROT.)
  7. Here is an instructional video that explains this process: https://youtu.be/71j8wn9sh14.

At that point, the connection is complete. Please be sure to sync your Garmin Connect app with your Garmin tracker before opening CARROT. FitnessSyncer will once each evening with Google Fit/CARROT automatically, but if you are wanting to view your current steps accumulation on CARROT (i.e. you're needing to report steps in a Survivor Challenge), you should first manually sync FitnessSyncer with your Garmin.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at  support@carrotwellness.com. It would be helpful if you could include your CARROT Account ID Number (you’ll find it by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner) as well as the login method you used (Facebook ID or phone number) to set up your CARROT account.