I updated the CARROT app on my Android, but now my steps data isn't accurate. How do I fix this?

I updated the CARROT app on my Android, but now my steps data isn't accurate. How do I fix this?

A: It appears the connection between Google and CARROT needs to be repaired. Here are steps we'd recommend:

1) "Clear" the stroed data on the CARROT. G o to your Menu (upper left corner) then tap "Data Sources" and toggling the switch for Google Fit ON (green) then OFF (gray) then back ON (green)?  Then please restart the CARROT app.  Then go back to the "Data Sources."

If you see that the Google Fit switch is toggling from ON to OFF and does not seem to "keep ON" or is "deselected".  It sounds like the settings of the app on your phone has a corrupted RAM.  So we will need to "Clear the Cache" for the CARROT app under the "Google Settings" of your phone.  Go to the "Setting" of your phone->Then "App"->Then "App"->The "CARROT Wellness" App->Storage=> tap the buttons that say "clear cache" and "clear data."

2) Change the Google account to which your app is currently linked. If Step #1 doesn't correct the issue, it's possible that when you installed the app, you didn't connect it with the proper Google account (which is needed to connect CARROT with Google Fit). On your CARROT "Settings" screen, there is an option to ''Change Fitness Account'. Tap on that, then select the Google Account that would be associated with Google Fit (it's frequently, but not always, a gmail account, but it's almost certainly a personal email that you use frequently).
3) Make the connection between Google and CARROT as reliable as possible. If you don't currently have it, it would probably be helpful to download the free Google Fit mobile app and sign into it (being sure to use the same Google account you used in CARROT). Downloading Google Fit is not typically needed for CARROT to get your Google Fit data -- CARROT normally gets your activity data from the Google cloud. But having the Google Fit app on your phone would likely help to ensure the reliable sharing of data.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at support@carrotwellness.com. It would be helpful if you could include your CARROT Account ID Number (you’ll find it by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner) as well as the login method you used (Facebook ID or phone number) to set up your CARROT account.