Why am I getting a message that says “invalid email” when I enter by email address to join a wellness program?

Why am I getting a message that says “invalid email” when I enter by email address to join a wellness program?

A: There are two common reasons people receive an “invalid email” message: (1) when attempting to join or start a wellness program by entering a personal email address (such as a @gmail.com address), or (2) when entering an email address that had previously been used (i.e. you already joined the program).

Our wellness programs are sponsored by companies exclusively to benefit their employees, and also by hospitals and other healthcare providers who sponsor community initiatives for the general public. (To see most community programs, you need to have location services/GPS enabled for CARROT on your phone’s settings.) Wellness programs require a work email address or a personal email address previously approved by your employer.

If you enter a valid work email address, you will either (a) be entered into an existing program if one is being sponsored by your employer, or (b) be given the opportunity to launch a free 30-day trial for your organization. (In either case, you will receive an automated email from CARROT providing more details.)

Regardless, you do not have to join a wellness program to enjoy CARROT. On the "Featured" tab, we offer rewards, prize drawings and the chance to compete in walking challenges (the current walking challenges are now underway... you'll have the chance to join new challenges next month.) When our various contests begin (such as fantasy football, the "CARROT Oscars", etc.), you'll see those posted as well. All of our contests are open to anyone who has downloaded the CARROT Wellness app -- but you can only participate if you've earned enough Reward Points for walking! You earn one point for each step you take, and you get extra points (typically 5 million to top finishers) as prizes in our contests.

If you previously attempted to join a wellness program (within the past 24 hours) and entered your valid (work) email address, check your inbox for a verification email from CARROT. (If you don’t see it, be sure to check your spam folder.) If this is your valid work email address and it has been more than 24 hours since you last tried to join a wellness program, please return to the CARROT app and repeat the process and a new verification email will be sent to you.

If you are already a CARROT wellness program participant but no longer see your company’s rewards, you do NOT have to “Join Wellness” – you simply need to log out of the app and then log back in using the method you used originally (either phone number of Facebook) to create your CARROT account.

If you believe your employer is sponsoring a wellness program but you received this error message, please check to make sure you entered your email address properly, including the proper suffix (.com, .org, etc.). If you have entered your work email properly but still but still get this message, please contact CARROT Support (support@carrotwellness.com) and be sure to include your name, the name of your employer, your work email address, and your CARROT ID number (you’ll find it by tapping on the menu button).