I'm not seeing my steps data on the activity screen - what should I do?

 I'm not seeing my steps data on the activity screen - what should I do?

A: First, if you’ve never received steps data on CARROT, be sure your phone meets the requirements to receive steps data (see FAQ #42 - below: “Will I be able to use CARROT on my smartphone?”). The most likely cause of this issue is launching the app while having a poor data connection. Please be sure you have a good wifi/data connection before attempting to reopen the app. If you have a reliable connection, refreshed the app and still do not see activity data, please follow these steps:

If you use an iPhone and have received steps data in the past but do not see it now, open the Apple Health app, tap on “Sources” from the bottom menu, then select CARROT from the list of apps and be sure the options to allow CARROT to “Read” and “Write” data are turned on. Then return to CARROT and pull down on the activity screen to refresh. If you still do not see steps data, go to your iPhone's Settings, tap on "Privacy", them tap on "Motion & Fitness" to make sure Fitness Tracking is enabled for "Health" and any other fitness tracking apps/devices you are using.

NEW: September 19, 2019:
For iOS 13 users: Your Apple Health haring of steps data can be found under your Settings->Privacy->Health->CARROT and following the same instructions above.   Tap here to see video on Sharing Steps Data on iOS 13.
For iOS 13 users: To Reactivate after an iOS13 upgarde please goto Health then tap the "Browse tab" at the bottom then scroll down to find "Steps" category then scroll down to the bottom to and tap Data Sources & Access.  Tap "Edit" top right corner then tap CARROT to Activate it.  Tap here to watch video on Reactivating your CARROT app to count steps.

If you have an Android and have received steps data in the past but do not see it now, you should:
  1. Tap on the top-left menu button and note your 5-digit CARROT ID number.
  2. Log out of CARROT. (Note: If you’re presented with the option to “Delete” rather than “Logout”, please go ahead and delete the account. You will be deleting a temporary account which is NOT the same account you originally created.)
  3. Tap the “Not Me” option at the bottom of the sign-in screen, then log back into CARROT using the same method you originally used (either your phone number of Facebook) to create your account. 
  4. Tap on the top-left menu button to confirm that it is the same 5-digit CARROT ID number associated with the account you originally created.

If you follow these steps and you still do not see data, please contact  support@carrotwellness.com (and be sure to include your five-digit CARROT ID number).

Will I be able to use CARROT on my smartphone? (FAQ#42)

 A: The vast majority of iPhones and Android models are supported: 

FOR iPHONE: iOS 8.1 and above is needed to gather CARROT Reward Points. To earn Reward Points for walking, you must have iPhone5s and above. For earlier versions of iPhone, a wearable device is needed to get Reward Points for walking. CARROT is supported on iPhone 4s and above.

FOR ANDROID: To earn CARROT Reward Points for walking, your phone must have KitKat 4.4.x and above operating system with supporting hardware. Android devices supported include the Samsung Galaxy S4 and above; HTC One M7 and above; Motorola Moto X and above.

Note: Some CARROT users with older phones have found success using the "Pacer" pedometer app, which is free on the iTunes and Google Play Stores, to receive credit for steps. For iPhone users, you must be sure to allow Pacer to share steps data (both "read" and "write") with Apple Health.

How to install Pacer on older iPhones (4, 4s, 5, 5c).

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at support@carrotwellness.com. It would be helpful if you could include your CARROT Account ID Number (you’ll find it by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner) as well as the login method you used (Facebook ID or phone number) to set up your CARROT account.