What's the benefit of upgrading to a CARROT Premium Membership?

What's the benefit of upgrading to a CARROT Wellness Premium Subscriber?

While it’s true that all CARROT users have the ability to earn (yellow) Reward Points for walking, only Premium Members can earn the (green) CARROT Coins needed to participate in certain challenges, contests, and auctions that require the use of Coins, rather than Points, to participate.

Until recently, only those users whose employers sponsored a CARROT Corporate Health & Wellness program could enjoy the benefits of a Premium Membership. The idea to create an individual “CARROT Premium” membership actually came at the request of many corporate wellness participants who wanted their spouses, friends, and family members to be able to take part in the same program they themselves enjoyed.

The overwhelming feedback we’ve received from users thus far is that membership in the “CARROT Premium” program is an extremely valuable tool in helping to keep users on track and staying active. And we do have data that supports this – because Premium Members are, on average, nearly twice as likely to be successful at achieving their daily activity goal on CARROT.

There are two different ways to upgrade to an individual Premium Membership. You can:

(1) Make an in-app purchase of $2.99 through the App Store. Your account will automatically renew each month, and you can cancel at any time (NOTE: this option is not yet available to Android users), or

(2) Purchase a monthly membership using your Goal Coins. (You’ll see the option to extend your membership through a reward that may be purchased on the “Wellness Program” under "Settings.")